City of Saskatoon- Long Service Awards 2023

The City of Saskatoon’s Long Service Awards 2023, held at the prestigious TCU Place, was a night dedicated to honoring commitment and excellence. True North Photo Booth was privileged to be part of this remarkable event, injecting a dose of fun and glamour into the celebration. The 2X6 custom photo strips became personalized tokens of appreciation, capturing the smiles and jubilation of the dedicated employees celebrating their long-standing service.

Against the backdrop of the sophisticated Champagne Sequin Backdrop, every photo exuded elegance and reflected the prestige of the occasion. True North Photo Booth transformed the event into a hub of joy and camaraderie, with long-serving employees striking poses, creating memories, and sharing the pride of their accomplishments. The Long Service Awards were a testament to the dedication of The City of Saskatoon’s team, and True North Photo Booth was honored to play a part in this memorable evening, helping to create moments that were as sparkling and timeless as the commitment celebrated. Here’s to many more years of service and creating beautiful memories together!