Consumer Choice Awards 2024

The Consumer Choice Awards 2024 in Saskatoon was a night to remember, dedicated to celebrating business excellence among small and medium-sized enterprises. Held at the stylish Glass & Lumber venue, the event recognized the top-ranked service providers and businesses, determined through our exclusive Four-Step Ranking Process. This process ensures that award-winners are chosen based on statistically supported independent market research, reflecting true customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Unique in North America, the Consumer Choice Awards are distinguished by the fact that recipients are selected by consumers themselves, making this recognition truly special.

Adding to the glamour of the evening was True North Photo Booth, who not only enhanced the event with their presence but also proudly took home the Consumer Choice Award for Party Equipment Rental in Saskatoon & Greater Region. Attendees enjoyed capturing the moment with a 2X6 custom photo strip in front of a sleek black sequin backdrop, perfectly complementing the elegant atmosphere of the event. True North Photo Booth’s professional setup and engaging experience ensured that guests left with a memorable keepsake of the evening. Their contribution significantly enhanced the overall experience, making the Consumer Choice Awards 2024 not only a celebration of business excellence but also a night of unforgettable moments.