FSIN Holiday Party 2023


The FSIN Holiday Party 2023, hosted by the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations at the Saskatoon Inn, was a spectacular fusion of holiday joy and corporate celebration, and True North Photo Booth added a touch of glamour to this festive occasion. The 4X6 custom photo strips became treasured souvenirs, capturing the smiles and unity that filled the room. Set against the dazzling gold sequin backdrop, every photo radiated the warmth and vibrancy of the holiday season.

True North Photo Booth transformed the event into a hub of laughter and connection, with FSIN members and guests striking poses, creating memories, and sharing the infectious energy of the holidays. The FSIN Holiday Party was a beautiful testament to the spirit of unity and celebration, and True North Photo Booth was honored to be part of this special occasion, helping to create moments that were as golden and memorable as the FSIN community itself. Here’s to more years of shared success, holiday cheer, and capturing the magic of celebrations together!