Loraas Annual Awards 2024

The Loraas Annual Awards 2024 marked a pinnacle celebration for Loraas, Saskatchewan’s esteemed leader in waste transfer, recycling, and organics services. With over 55 years of dedicated service, Loraas has not only shaped the landscape of waste management but also ingrained a profound commitment to community engagement. Held at the Marquis Hall Events Centre, this event was a testament to Loraas’ enduring legacy and its unwavering dedication to excellence. True North Photo Booth added a dash of charm to the festivities, offering guests the opportunity to capture cherished memories with their 2X6 custom photo strips against the rustic backdrop of the barn board pillow backdrop.

As Loraas team members and esteemed guests gathered to celebrate achievements and milestones, True North Photo Booth transformed the atmosphere into a hub of joy and camaraderie. Each click of the camera immortalized the spirit of the evening, encapsulating the pride and unity shared by all. The Loraas Annual Awards 2024 was not just a recognition of accomplishments but a reflection of Loraas’ ongoing commitment to innovation and community stewardship. True North Photo Booth was privileged to be part of this remarkable event, capturing moments that epitomized the essence of Loraas’ journey and its profound impact on Saskatchewan’s landscape.