Our Legacy- Youth Conference 2024

Step into the vibrant world of “Our Legacy – Youth Conference 2024,” hosted by the Prince Albert Indian & M├ętis Friendship Centre at Plazza 88 in Prince Albert. This dynamic event brought together young minds from diverse backgrounds to celebrate their heritage and pave the way for a brighter future. True North Photo Booth was delighted to be part of the festivities, offering an array of captivating experiences that added an extra layer of excitement to the conference.

Amidst the energetic atmosphere, True North Photo Booth provided attendees with the opportunity to capture their moments of inspiration and camaraderie with custom 2X6 photo strips against a stunning black & gold geometric pattern pillow backdrop. From heartfelt conversations to impromptu dance breaks, every moment was immortalized in style, ensuring that memories of this empowering event would be cherished for years to come. As participants connected, learned, and grew together, True North Photo Booth was there to capture the essence of their journey, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended the “Our Legacy – Youth Conference 2024.”