Saskatchewan Penitentiary’s Holiday Party 2023


Saskatchewan Penitentiary’s Staff Holiday Party 2023 at the Art Hauser Centre in Prince Albert was a unique blend of festivity and community spirit, and True North Photo Booth added a touch of glamour to the celebration. The 4X6 custom photo strips served as personalized souvenirs, capturing the camaraderie and joy that transcended the traditional setting. Against the backdrop of the dazzling Gold Sequin Backdrop, every photo became a testament to the resilience and spirit of the Saskatchewan Penitentiary staff.

True North Photo Booth transformed the event into a hub of laughter and connection, where staff members, surrounded by the shimmering golden backdrop, could momentarily escape into the joyous spirit of the holidays. The Saskatchewan Penitentiary’s Staff Holiday Party was a celebration of shared moments and the strength of workplace bonds, and True North Photo Booth was honored to be part of this special occasion, helping to create memories that were as warm and golden as the festive season itself. Here’s to more years of workplace camaraderie, joy, and capturing moments that matter!