St. Kateri Grade 8 Grad

The St. Kateri Grade 8 Grad, held at the picturesque Circle H Ranch, was an event to remember for all the young graduates and their proud families. The evening was filled with celebration, laughter, and the joy of new beginnings as the students marked this important milestone. True North Photo Booth played a pivotal role in enhancing the festivities, adding a fun and interactive element to the night.

With a sleek black pillow backdrop and custom 2X6 photo strips, True North Photo Booth provided the perfect setting for capturing unforgettable moments. The photo booth was a hit among students, parents, and teachers, offering everyone the opportunity to create cherished keepsakes from the evening. The professionalism and creativity of True North Photo Booth ensured that the St. Kateri Grade 8 Grad was a truly memorable event, leaving all attendees with lasting memories and beautifully captured photos.