Western Canada Water- 75th Anniversary

Western Canada Water’s 75th anniversary celebration at the We Move studio was a night to remember, and True North Photo Booth was there to add a touch of glamour and fun to this momentous occasion. The 4X6 custom photo strips became cherished keepsakes, capturing not only the rich history and achievements of this network of water companies but also the smiles and laughter of the dedicated individuals who have contributed to its success.


Against the backdrop of the dazzling Champagne Sequin Backdrop, every photo radiated elegance and celebration. True North Photo Booth transformed the event into a hub of joy and camaraderie, with friends, colleagues, and partners striking poses and creating memories that will be treasured for generations to come. Western Canada Water’s 75th anniversary was a testament to its enduring commitment to providing essential water infrastructure and services to communities throughout the region. True North Photo Booth was proud to have been a part of this milestone, helping to capture the spirit of the evening and turning moments into timeless treasures. Here’s to another 75 years of excellence and innovation!