YFC- Christmas at Crossmount

Christmas at Crossmount, hosted by Youth for Christ at the picturesque Crossmount, was a festive extravaganza, and True North Photo Booth brought an extra dose of holiday cheer to the celebration. The 2X6 custom photo strips served as delightful mementos, capturing the smiles and joy that defined the Christmas spirit at Crossmount. Against the backdrop of the vibrant Red Sequin Backdrop, every photo radiated the warmth and vibrancy of the holiday season.

True North Photo Booth transformed the event into a hub of laughter and camaraderie, with attendees, young and old, striking poses, creating memories, and sharing the infectious energy of the holidays. Christmas at Crossmount was a true testament to the magic of the season and the community spirit fostered by Youth for Christ, and True North Photo Booth was honored to be part of this memorable evening. Here’s to more years of holiday joy, community celebrations, and capturing moments that twinkle with the spirit of Christmas!